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A3615 HID headlight bulb page
The standard headlights on this 2006
Chrysler Pacifica were upgraded to HID
lights with the  H7 (premium-white)
conversion kit available below.
Access to the headlight bulbs on the
Pacifica is excellent. Remove headlamp by
unfastening screws at two locations (shown
in photo at right) and pull headlight forward.
optional battery relay was used with
this install and is recommended.
Remove power wire from bulb assembly by pulling the two metal
tabbed wires through the rubber grommet as shown in the photo
The pacifica headlight bulbs are secured in place
by a metal bracket. When you remove the stock
headlamp bulb, set the metal bracket aside to
re-use when installing new HID bulbs.  In the photo
at right, the plug was filed down / shaved with a
dremmel tool, so that it would fit through the middle
opening in the bracket. (see shaved side of plug in
red oval at right).
The Pacifica headlamp assembly has a small
opening, so a needle nose plier can be used
to help seat the bulb correctly as shown in
these photos.
The battery relay is recommended for better
performance in areas with cold weather to
improve reliability from a cold start.  The red
circles and arrows below show where the
battery relay wire kit was connected and
where the wires were run. The battery relay
kit allows you to tap into stable power
directly from your battery, and plug into the
HID headlight ballasts.
The wire with blue circle at right, is one of the power wires that was
removed from the bulb assemble and pulled through the grommet.  It
will be re-used here connecting the battery relay (at blue circle), and
metal tabs will connect to the stock bulb plug for on / off signal.  The
two plugs in the red circles (at right) will plug directly into the
ballasts. (Longer wire will be run behind the grill to the other
A dremmel tool was used again to notch the headlamp
where the HID bulb wires can pass through, and the
rubber dust cap (at right identified with arrow) could be
Turn on the lights to test before fastening the headlamp
back into place.  Note: if the parking break is on, the
headlamps may not turn on. Enjoy your new lights.
Complete kit:
Will look like photo above when removed.
The rubber grommet was cut off because it will not be used in this install. Then the new HID bulbs was seated in the stock bulb bracket which
was set aside earlier.
Includes: 2 bulbs, 2 ballasts, Battery
Relay Wiring, and 2 Year Warranty.
Installation of HID headlights for Chrysler Pacifica