HID bulbs for Toyota Sienna HID
headlight upgrade
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The photo's of this 2008 Sienna HID
headlights were sent in from T.B.  
Thanks to T.B. for pics of  his very clean
looking installed and his excerpted
comments below.
The photo at right show how the
passenger side HID ballast was mounted
on the inside of the fenderwell above the
tire, and how you can use an existing bolt
to secure the HID ballast with the kit
supplied mounting bracket.
To work with on the passenger side, and
that the bulb wiring connected to the
ballast (red and black wires) are directly
in from (left) of the ballast.  
Driver's side of the vehicle presented a
much bigger challenge because there
was absolutely no available space to
mount the ballast module as can be
seen in the photo.  e.  

In the photo at right, you can see the
kit plug (black) will plug into the
Sienna's headlamp plug (brown).   

The HID headlight bulb for the Sienna
and wires are directly right of the
black and red wire and brown plug.
T.B.  found a strut connecting the outer
compartment wall located just above
the front wheel well shield that made a
T.B.  found a strut connecting the outer
perfect spot to locate the ballast, but it
driver side fender to the inner engine
shield plates and the front of the wheel
well shield to gain access.  The ballasts
were also secured by strapping a wire
tie around body of the ballast module
on the opposite side from the strap
connection to ensure that it would not
vibrate or get loosened during travel.  
T.B. also added a copper wire
tightened in place around the ballast
module mounted to the strut for added
T.B. Comments:

"I am thrilled with the bright white HID
illumination as I can now see everything
very well on the road in front of me.  The
lane markers and the painted lines on
the surface of the pavement seem to
fluoresce as they are illuminated which
makes them appear very bright and
easily seen."
Toyota Sienna HID lights install 2
HID bulb plug (black) plugged in
to Sienna headlamp plug.
Toyota Sienna HID lights install 1
Toyota Sienna HID lights install 3
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Toyota Sienna HID headlight bulb install