2003 Toyota 4Runner
HID lighting install
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A.F. of  Seattle, used our complete conversion kits
to upgrade his 4runner headlights and fog lights to
HID lighting.

A.F. used our 9006 with 8000K option kit to
upgrade the 4runner's headlights, and our 9006 -
6000K option kit to upgrade the fog lights.  
Because A.F. is using two kits on this vehicle, he
is running 4 ballasts and a battery relay (optional)
for instant power, that will help his system last
longer by avoiding spiking which may be caused
when the engine is started with an auto-on
headlamp system.
4Runner HID lights install 1
4Runner HID lights install 5
4Runner HID lights install 4
4Runner HID lights install 3
4Runner HID lights install 6
4Runner HID lights install 2
A.F. says that he has wrapped his ballasts in foil
because it gets cold in the winter where he lives.  
While not absolutely necessary, we do agree with
A.F's logic  that the foil should provide both heating
and cooling benefits that will improve system
secure his HID ballasts in the engine
compartment [above: next to the battery and right:
next to power steering fluid].   

We would like to thank A.F for sharing these great
pictures of his clean, very professional looking
2003 4runner HID headlight kit install