Installation of HID lights for
Chevy Tahoe 2007 - 2014
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The HID headlights on this 2008 Tahoe LTZ
were installed by customer A.F. of  Seattle,
Washington.  The 2008 Tahoe does not
come with HID lights from the factory so A.F.
used our
H11 kit  to upgrade his stock
headlights with our H11 - 6000K kit.  Huge
thanks to A.F. for taking these photo's of his
sweet ride!
2008 Tahoe LTZ with H11 - 6000K HID headlights
Tahoe HID lights / Driver side Ballast
Tahoe HID lights / Passenger Side Ballast
Placement of ballasts under the hood.
Close-up of Tahoe headlamp with 6000K HID bulb
Close up of 6000K H11 kit on Tahoe
Tahoe HID lights facing Tahoe
Tahoe HID lights from behind the wheel
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