2007 - 2010 Lincoln
Ford Edge / MKX HID headlights
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This MKX HID headlight upgrade was done by
Plasma Garage customer  S.W. of Michigan.  
from the factory with Halogen (non-HID) not
even an option on this vehicle until the 2011
model year.   The MKX does come with
projector lens headlamps that look great with
our complete
H11 Xenon HID Conversion Kit
installed.   This MKX is an "Elite" model with
the adaptive headlamps that "look around
corners" when you turn the wheel.   S.W.
reports that our kit works perfectly with the
adaptive headlamps and that there were
absolutely no problems to report on this very
easy install which only took about a half an
hour from start to finish.
S.W. started at the passenger headlamp before moving to the driver side
headlamp. S.W. also used the optional battery relay to ensure a stable power
supply since the MKX lights turn on before the engine is started at night.  More
Looking down over the passenger headlamp:  First locate the dust cap which
counter counter clockwise so that you can access the bulb for removal.  Once
the dust cap is removed set it aside.  You will have the option of not using it, or
Once the dust cap is removed, reach inside and turn the base of the H11 bulb counter clock wise (toward the driver side wheel) to unlock and remove it.  Once the
bulb is lose, pull it straight out and lift the two plastic tabs circled in red (above) to unplug it.  DO NOT touch the glass portion of the bulb, and set aside.
You can use a dremel to cut a
22 mm hole in the dustcap if
you want to use the dustcap
which is roughly the size of a
nickel,  S.W says that after
drawing his circle around a
17 mm socket, he cut it out
with a dremel rotary tool.  
Alternatively, you could just
set the dust cap aside and
not use it, or wait until you
can find a 22mm drill bit if
you want your hole to be
Compared to other vehicles, the MKX is an easy installation because of all the space you have to work with directly behind the headlamp, However you may
want to use a needle-nose plier to seat the bulb in the bulb socket, unless you have small hands.  Repeat the same process on the driver side headlamp and
then Plug the each ballast in to the two plugs that come out from the optional battery relay.   Plug the ballasts in to the two plugs that come out from each HID
kit bulb (blue circle). S.W. used a
battery relay with his kit (recommended). It will plug and play seemlessly connecting battery power to the kit for uninterrupted
power with auto-on headlamps. (See red circle plugging in to factory bulb plug - driver side only).
The cavity directly behind each headlamp is a great spot for hiding your ballast and wires.  S.W. could have mounted his ballasts with the included mounting
brackets but mounting was not necessary because of the cavity behind each headlamp.
Lincoln MKX Xenon headlamps - BEFORE
Lincoln MKX Xenon headlamps - AFTER
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