Lexus RX 300 HID headlight bulb install
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Thanks to S.T. of central Michigan for sending
photo's of his 2002  RX 300 HID headlights. This
vehicle was not equipped with HID headlights
from the factory so a
complete 9006 kit was
installed on this vehicle

If you have a RX300 or RX 350 with HID headlights
from Lexus, you do not need a conversion kit as
illustrated on this page.  Visit the following
page for  
RX300 HID, RX330 HID, and RX350 HID
The first step is to check access to the area.  On this  
RX 300 (1999 - 2003), there is good access to the
passenger side bulb.  The low beam bulbs are the
outer set of bulbs, and the high beams are the inner
set of bulbs. Be sure to identify the proper set of
bulbs before starting.
Remove the driver side low beam bulb (9006
Halogen) with a quarter-turn to unlock it, then pull
straight out. Once the bulb is out, remove the stock
bulb from the factory harness.  The factory harness
on this vehicle is the brown plug at middle left
Always insert the HID bulbs as soon as you
remove them from the protective packaging so
that the bulb will not be exposed to
contaminants or physical damage.
Just as the stock bulb was removed, insert the HID
bulb and lock it into place with a quarter-turn in
the opposite direction used to remove the stock
Plug the factory harness into the HID bulb plug
(blue).  There should be two plugs from the HID
bulb that are loose and still need to be plugged
Plug the two remaining wires, into the
corresponding plugs that are on the ballast.  The
plugs will only fit the correct corresponding wire.
Complete other side, remove all tools. Close the
hood, turn on the engine, and check to see that
the new HID light is working on that side.

On some vehicles the HID side may not turn on.
If so, check the wires to be sure they are
securely plugged in.  

If the wires are all securely plugged in, and
there is still no power, you may have to adjust
the polarity on the ballast by turning the ballast
power plug around.  This happens because one
of your plugs needs to be flipped over.
In the photo at right, installation of the passenger side
ballast is shown.  Access to the area was not as good as the
driver side, so we removed the bolt that secures the
windshield washer fluid tub, in order to gain access to the
area.  Once the old bulb was switched out with the HID bulb,
we used the same bolt to secure the ballast with the
kit-supplied bracket.  
In the photo below, the ballast plug needed to be turned around to reverse the polarity.   If there appears to be no power to the lights when you
test them, you may need to do the same with your installation. Note in the photo, how the metal slip stub is exposed.
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