Lexus ES HID headlight bulb install
(ES 330 shown with A3616 bulbs)
Y.Z. of New York The HID headlight bulbs for this Lexus
ES330 were upgraded with our HID-D2R 6000K (
replacement Bulbs.  (Check bulb-type for your vehicle

Below, notice how the factory HID bulb on the left appears
yellowish, and how our
A3616 bulb on the right  is distinctly
whiter with a very slight purplish hue.

Upgrading the headlamps on vehicles with factory HID such
as this Lexus ES 330 is a simple swap. The new HID bulbs
will install in the same way the old ones come out.
Lexus HID Bulb (6000K)
Lexus HID Bulb Before & After
Because this vehicle was equipped with Factory HID, our 6000K HID bulbs were all that was required
for a better look and improved visibility.  Vehicles that are not equipped with HID from the factory
can be upgraded to HID with our
Xenon HID Conversion Kits.
Most owners manuals will provide vehicle-specific
instructions on how to replace a headlamp bulb.
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Lexus ES 330 350 HID headlight bulb install