Hyundai Sonata HID headlights
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Anthony installed a H11 White light kit in his  2009 Sonata.  The
original lights are H11B, a relatively new bulb configuration using
"snap in lite" connection method.  There aren't any after-market
replacements for it.  The best you can do is OEM replacements.  
The bulb format and installation guides are the same for both the
H11 and H11B versions, the electrical connection is different for
each.  I tried several modifications to other bulbs and had some
success but still wasn't happy.

Since I knew the H11 would fit, it was the logical choice from
Plasma Garage.  The installation went smoothly, just as your site
showed.  I did modify the covers that seal the back of the light
assemblies.  I drilled a hole to accept the grommet on the new
light harnesses.

Overall a very nice product with a very easy installation.

Thank you.

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Driver View of HID headlights on 2009 Hyundai Sonata
Drilled Covers on back of headlamps to fit kit supplied grommet
Placement of Driver Side HID Ballast
Placement of Passenger side HID ballast
Hyundai Sonata HID headlights at Plasma Garage