Integra HID (9006 HID) - Install pic #3
Plasma Garage HID kits feature rebased
D2S capsules and require NO permanent
vehicle alteration. Unlike other kits, a rotary
cutting tool is not necessary because our
kits utilize Xenon bulbs that are designed to
fit securely in the same manner as factory
Halogen bulbs.  (Supported bulb Types: H1,
H3, H4, H7, H9, H10, H11, H13, 9003, 9004,
9005, 9006, 9007, 9008).

Until recently, converting your vehicle to
Xenon headlights meant cutting a hole in
the headlamp assembly to accommodate an
HID-D2R or HID-D2S bulb that was not
designed for your vehicle. Quite often,
permanent alteration to vehicle wiring was
also required. No permanent modification is
required with our plug-in style HID Kits.

Only the finest materials and precisely
machined components are used in our HID
kits.  Quality moldings, plugs, wiring, ballast
and igniter housings result in HID Kits that
are of the highest quality, easiest to install,
and weigh in at 4 lbs.
HID Kit Brackets:
Mounting brackets are included for the ballasts
allowing for custom placement.
Acura Integra with 9006 - 6000K HID Conversion Kit
Integra HID (9006 HID) - Install pic #1
Kit ballasts allow for clean, professional
looking installations in under 30 minutes!
HID Kit Bulbs:
Our Xenon HID Kit bulbs produce a white
light 300% brighter than standard halogen
bulbs. The base of our bulbs are designed
to fit halogen headlamps without
alteration to the headlamp assembly (See
bulb Comparison on the Plasma Garage
home page.
Integra HID (9006 HID)- Install pic #2
This Acura Integra HID installation features our 6000K
9006 Xenon HID Conversion Kit. View a more
detailed HID
here.  This install took about 20 minutes  
with no permanent modification to the vehicle.  As with
most of our conversion kits, 9006 HID Kits can be easily
removed for use on future vehicle and makes restoring
factory lighting very easy

HID Conversion Kit
replacement bulbs, and HID-D2R /
HID-D2S Xenon bulbs, can always be ordered for
installation on your next car or truck at the bottom of
HID Kit Ballasts:
Ballasts are the heart of any HID lighting
system. EAGLEYE has successfully created
ballasts and xenon bulbs that work
together to produce:  5000K Bright-White,
6000K  & 7000K Purplish-White, and 8000K
HID Kits are available for all popular Bulb-Types
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9007 HID Kits are
commonly used on
many Fords, the Nissan
Xterra, and Subaru WRX.
*9007 HID Kits are
bi-xenon (low / high)
beam kits that will
produce true Xenon /
HID lighting for both low
and high beams.
9005 HID Kits are  used
on the
Yukon Denali,
some new
Fords, Nissan
Maxima, and High
Beam applications.

9006 HID Kits are used
on the
Honda Accord,
Acura's, Lincolns,
Chevy Trucks, GMC,
Toyota, and more.
9006 HID kits are also
used in many fog light
H4 HID Kits are
commonly used on
Nissan Pathfinder, Honda
Civic, older Solara's, Ford
Focus, and many other
small vehicles.

Our H4 HID Kit is a  
dual-beam kit so you will
not lose your high beam.
H7 HID Kits are commonly
used on Import vehicle.
H1 HID Kits are commonly
used on Audi,
Volkswagen, Nissan
Altima and many Fog light

H3 HID Kits are used
almost exclusively on Fog
light Applications
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