HID headlight Ballasts
Replacement Ballast for HID headlights
Ballasts are the heart of High Intensity Discharge headlight systems.   In
order for HID bulbs to produce high intensity discharge light, the electricity
produced by a ballast  jumps across a gap inside  the bulb.  The electricity
between the gap is called an "arc."  The arc then excites the Xenon and other
noble elements, turning them into a light producing plasma 300% brighter
than a standard filament based bulb.   The brilliant white light can be
manipulated by changing the combination of elements in the bulb.  Our
customers with
HID Headlights can replace factory OEM ballasts, or kit
ballasts below:

Quality and specifications are the same used on High Intensity Discharge
Xenon systems.  For help finding a replacement send email to
Sale $79.00
HID headlight ballasts at Plasma Garage do not require a separate
ignitor. This design  allows for more protection of ignition
components and eliminates the use of cheap plastic boxes and
extra wiring.

Our Ballasts are guaranteed to operate with A.R.C., AMP, B.A.C.,
McCulloch  GT and 99% of all HID systems. They are standard OEM
Spec. 35 watts at 12 volts.

Previous customers who have purhcased Eagleye products can
receive information on replacement parts by sending  e-mail to
Dimensions: 3.5 x 3 x 1.25  inches, 1 lb 6 oz.
Optional Battery Relay Kit
If you are experiencing intermittent problems with one side of your HID
system, the cause may be that not enough stable power is being delivered to
the ballast on that side. This issue occurs mostly in economy vehicles,
vehicles with older batteries, and vehicles running electronic accessories.
Therefore, before making a ballast purchase, you may want to consider
buying an HID Relay Kit to increase the supply of stable power to your
ballasts. The HID Relay Kit features a 20 Amp fuse, the same plug-in style
installation as our  Kits and Ballasts, and can be integrated seamlessly to
maintain plug-in style installation with most any brand of HID Conversion Kits

The HID Relay Kit has also been known to help the following problems:
- Headlight Warning when illuminated on European vehicles
- One light out in cold weather
- Where trouble is experienced with Auto-on headlamp systems.
HID Battery Relay Kit  
Sale $20.00
The benefit of the newly designed HID relay is synchronized power to both
ballasts resulting in simultaneous ignition of HID headlights to avoid uneven
Plasma Garage carries genuine Xenon Headlights, HID bulbs, and Conversion Kits at the Best Prices! If you have photo's of your
Plasma Garage Xenon Headlights installed, send them to HIDphotoz@PlasmaGarage.com for great purchase incentives.
Replacement Ballast for HID headlights
HID Ballasts connected to HID relay kit
Install diagram of optional HID Relay Kit (Click image to Enlarge)
Replacement Kit Ballast
Replacement D1R / D1S Ballast
Sale $137.00
$189.00 (1 Ballast)
$105.00 (1 Ballast)
Replacement D2R / D2S Ballast
Sale $117.00
$149.00 (1 Ballast)
Replacement Ballast for HID headlights
Replacement Ballast for HID headlights
replacement ballast for HID headlights
Replacement Original Ballast
Sale $237.00
$341.00 (1 Ballast)
Replacement Ballast for HID headlights