HID Headlights for 2003 - 2006
Ford Expedition HID
This HID headlights for this Ford
Expedition were installed by  
M.L. of Florida. Everything M.L.
needed to upgrade this vehicle
is included in our complete
xenon conversion kit.

Although it is hard to capture
the brilliance of the light output,
here M.L. has done a great job!
Plasma Garage encourages
potential customers to view our
Installation Tutorial, so that they
may become familiar with our HID
Kits, and "virtually," try it before
buying it.
By utilizing only the most
advanced technologies and
design innovations, upon
installation of your HID Kit there
will be absolutely:

- NO Splicing
- NO Drilling  
- NO Routers use
- NO "Adapter Rings"
- NO Auxiliary Switches
Opting for more color, M.L. ordered the 9006 - 6000K  HID Kit Replacment bulbs
(right), which can be ordered from our
Xenon Bulb, ordering page.  Initially, M.L.
upgraded his factory halogen bulbs with a 5
000K (White) kit.  A picture of another  
5000K install is shown at left.  
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Expedition HID headlights at Plasma Garage