How do I know which HID bulbs I need, or if I need a complete kit?
A.  Click here to find info. The type of xenon
bulbs or HID conversion your vehicle requires depends
on the bulb-type / # it uses.  If you have a 2014 vehicle
that does not appear in our
headlamp bulb guide, your
replacement headlight bulb information can also be
located in your owners manual.  

If you live outside of the United States and Canada you
can find
more headlamp Information here.
Interesting Facts about HID Headlights
1. The 2009 - 2015 BMW 7 Series Headlamp housing uses movement to change the
angle of light to produce a low beam and high beam from
1 pair of HID-D1S bulbs.  

2. The 2013
Mercedes Benz S 550 headlamps still uses standard halogen bulbs for its
high beams and
high intensity discharge HID-D1S bulbs for its low beams.

2. The 2013
Lexus LS 460 with HID headlights uses one pair of HID-D4S Xenon bulbs
to produce both the low beam and high beam.

3. The 2011 - 2013
Infiniti G37 and Infiniti M56 HID headlamps both produce the low
beams and high beams with
1 pair of A2815 HID D2S bulbs (when equipped with the
HID headlamp option).
Will I need to splice any wires?
A. No. Splicing wires will not be necessary to install any of our kits or bulbs.  All of our bulbs will "plug in" to your vehicle's headlight harness
so there is no need to make any wire modifications at all.  An HID headlight
installation tutorial, is available to assist customers in
becoming familiar with our HID Conversion Kits.  Vehicles with stock HID headlights simply
swap out your old HID bulbs for the new
Will it look like Cadillac or Lexus HID headlights on my car?
A. Yes.  The light that comes out of your headlamp will be true Xenon HID lighting as seen on luxury import vehicles.  If you own a luxury
vehicle that already has factory HID, view our
upgrade / replacement xenon bulbs.
Will my High Beam lights work?
A.  Yes!  All HID Conversion Kits and replacement HID bulbs at allow high beam function.  Vehicles that use H1, H3, H7,
bulbs.  If your vehicles uses H4, H13, 9003, 9004, 9007, or 9008, headlight bulbs, our bi-xenon HID Kits will allow high and low beams to both
be High Intensity Discharge / HID headlights.
Will my lights actually appear like how they do in the pictures?
A. No, they will look better!  Picture quality is subject to varying factors and all of our pictures have been sent in by happy customers.  
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Is there a Warranty?
A. Yes!  A 2 year defect-exchange warranty applies to Bulbs and Ballasts.  However; Spliced wires, Tampered ballasts, or otherwise
damaged products will not be covered.
How do I pay?
A.  Credit Card or PayPal.  Use "Order" buttons to purchase items using any major credit card.
Is it safe to use my Credit Card?
A. Yes! Plasma Garage has been a Yahoo Buyer Protection certified merchant since 2004.  Use our secure Yahoo shopping cart with state
of the art encryption technology which lends a truly secure transaction.
How do I use PayPal?
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