Mercedes-Benz E500
HID headlight bulb Installation
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Many Mercedes-Benz HID headlights use A2815 bulbs.  This E500
replacement bulb installation was done by C.S of Florida.  CS used our
bulbs to replace his stock bulbs after one his original bulbs expired.   

His photographs and comments are posted below:
Attached are pictures of my E500 that I recently ordered new A2815 bulbs
for.  I saved roughly $200 changing the bulbs out myself.  I have a few
pointers for readers if they decide to replace the bulbs themselves.

1.  Not much room to work with on the E500.  You can lift and move the
rubber hood liner that runs across the front of the car (at right).
2.  Use gloves.  Keeps your bulbs clean as well as your hands.
3.  Procedures
a.  On the E500, remove the outside large rubber cap from the back
of the lighting assembly by rotating counterclockwise.  Don't remove it
completely, just push it aside.  Its easier to put back on this way.
b.  Once the rubber cap is removed, you will see a square
transformer with a green wire connected to the top.  Remove the wire and
turn the transformer counterclockwise about a 1/8 turn until it comes
off.  Remember to replace it the same way.
c.   You can see the bulb now but it is still secured within the
fixture.  Using a flashlight, you will see 2 retaining wires that hold
the bulb in place.  To release the bulb, carefully push the retaining
wire 'forward and up'.  Fairly simple.  Do the same to the other
retaining wire.
d.  Carefully, using gloves, remove the bulb pulling it straight
out.  There isn't much room to work with.  Shouldn't matter if the bulb
is no good anyway.
e.  Carefully grasp the new bulb with the external bulb wire facing
downwards in the 6 o'clock position.  Lightly seat the bulb in the
fixture.  Carefully reseat each retaining wire.  Replace the transformer
and turn clockwise an 1/8th turn until it clicks in place.  Replace the
green wire and the rubber cap.  Your done.

4.  These pictures only show the left xenon replaced.  Fairly easy to
see that the 'new' left bulb is much brighter that the old original
bulb.  Always replace both, keeping the old 'good' bulb as a spare.

I'd like to thank your employees and your website for saving me money.  

Thanks again,

Commander, US Navy E500 HID light install 1 E500 HID light install 2 E500 HID light install 3 E500 HID light install 4 E500 HID light install 2 Large
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Mercedes-Benz HID headlight bulb install