Customer Installs of HID Lights
Subaru HID Kit Install
Solara Xenon Headlight Conversion - H4 HID Kit Pic #1
GMC HID Kit install
GMC HID Kit Install
Acura HID Kit Install
Acura Integra
GMC Jimmy
Subaru WRX
Toyota Solara
GMC Yukon
Accord HID Kits
Ford Expedition HID Kit install
Acura MDX HID Kit Install
Mazda HID kit Install
Acura HID install
Ford Expedition
Acura MDX
Honda Accord
Mazda Protege
Acura RSX
Mercedes HID Headlights
Mercedes HID Bulbs
Mistsubishi HID Kit Install
Jaguar HID Headlights
Toyota HID Headlights
2001 Mercedes E220 CDI
Mercedes Bulb
2003 Jaguar S-Type
1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse
2000 Toyota
6000K HID bulbs
8000K HID bulbs
Infiniti HID bulb Install
Lexus HID bulb Install
2004 Peugeot 206 GTI
2004 Lexus ES 330
6000K Bulb Upgrade
03 - 05 Infiniti G35
6000K Bulb Upgrade
2004 Euro Accord / AcuraTL
8000K Bulb Upgrade
Ford Contour HID 5000K Bright-White
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1998 Ford Contour 6000K
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Replacement G35 HID Bulbs installed
03 - 05 Infiniti G35
6000K Bulb Upgrade
Acura HID headlights
94-01 Acura Integra
9006 HID Kit Install
BMW HID Headlights / HID Kit Install
2004 BMW 330
H7 HID Kit Install
Lexus HID Headlights / HID Kit Install
99 - 03 Lexus RX 300
9006 HID Kit Install
Trailblazer HID Headlights
02 - 07 Trailblazer
9006 HID light Install
Tahoe HID lights / H11 kit with 6000K bulbs
07 - 09 Tahoe
H11 HID light Install
Cadillac Seville HID installation
98  - 04 Seville
9006 HID light Install
Trailblazer HID headlights & Fog lights
3000K HID Fog lights
4Runner HID lights
2005 4Runner
8000K HID light Install
Avalanche HID lights (4300K before warm up)
2007 - 2009 Avalanche
4300K HID light install
2009 Sonata HID lights
2009 Sonata 4300K
HID light install
6000K Denali HID lights
2003 - 2006 Denali HID  
6000K HID light install
2005 - 2009 Pathfinder
4300K HID light install
Lincoln MKX Xenon headlamps - AFTER
2007 - 2010
MKX HID install
HID lights / customer photos