Installation of HID headlights for
1998 SVT Ford Contour
Ford Contour HID Upgrade 1
This 1998 Ford Contour headlamps were upgraded with a complete 9006
Xenon HID Conversion Kit.  The
complete 9006 Xenon HID Conversion Kit was
required because this vehicle was not already equipped from the factory with
HID lamps (i.e. required ballasts and wiring). When vehicles are equipped from
the manufacturer with
Xenon Bulbs, the dull-yellow looking factory HID lighting
can be upgraded with our popular selection of
HID bulbs.

With our
plug-in style conversion kit, 9006 HID bulbs and ballasts were plugged
in on the vehicle with no modification to the headlamp assembly.  The new 9006
HID bulbs were seated perfectly behind the reflector headlamp system for
correct beam pattern with HID performance.  Below, customer C. K. has sent in  
photographs of his Ford Contour HID upgrade.
Ford Contour HID Upgrade 2
Ford Contour HID Upgrade 4
Ford Contour HID Upgrade (5200K) 3
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Ford Contour HID headlights kit install