Installation of HID lights for
1998 - 2004 Cadillac Seville
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The HID headlights on this 2001 Cadillac Seville were
installed by customer S.T. of Naples Florida.  This Seville did
not come from the factory with HID lights so S.T. used our 9006
kit with the 4300K OEM / White color HID bulbs.   If your Seville
already has factory installed HID lights, then it will use
HID-D1S size bulbs that you can find on our
HID-D1S bulb page.

If you have an STS that was upgraded with a kit and you need
replacement kit bulbs, our 9006 size kit bulbs can be found at
bottom of our main bulb page. (kit bulbs at bottom)
The first step is to gain access to the headlamps by removing the 6 bolts
Remove the rubber dust
cap to access the stock
bulb. Remove the stock
bulb by twisting to
expose the 3 plastic
prongs and insert the
new HID bulb included
with the kit.  You will
have to press down on
the base of the bulb
(into the headlamp)
before you are able to
turn it and lock it into
Before HID upgrade
Next, there are two bolts to remove in order to gain access to the rear of
the headlamps and find a spot to place your ballasts.
Connect all plugs between the bulbs
and the ballast
. Note that on this
Seville the ballast plug had to be
inserted as shown above (exposing the
metal slip-stub and using the
Tuck the wires in toward the bottom of the headlamp, replace the dustcap,
plug the vehicles factory harness (the plug that was attached to the stock
into the remaining unused plug that connects to the kit bulb.
After HID upgrade (with 4300K color)
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Cadillac HID headlight bulb kit install