HID headlights for BMW 3 series /
2006 328i HID headlights
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BMW 330 HID headlight bulb install
Remove dust cap to access the bulb. The BMW headlight bulbs can be
accessed by lifting the wire tab (above the hole in photo above).  Once
you can see the bulb, you will depress the wire spring which holds the
bulb in place. Once the wire spring is released, it will swing open. The bulb
is now free to be removed and unplugged (from the black bulb plug)
shown in the photo above.
The new HID headlight bulb for the BMW is equipped
with a rubber grommet that can be used by cutting a
hole in the dust cap.  If you prefer not to cut a hole in
the dust cap, you can either install without the dust cap,
or notch the dust cap with a cutting tool to allow the wire
to pass through.
The new HID headlight bulb will have a wire connected to it (attached to
the rubber grommet) with two metal tabs on it. The two metal tabs will plug
in to your stock bulb plug as shown in the photo above
and at right.  The
metal tabs will click into place when fully inserted.  Note that there are
some logistics to consider ahead of time when dealing with the spring
which locks the bulb in place, and you will have to feed the wires through
the spring.
We chose to use the dust cap on
this 2006 BMW HID headlight
install.  Use a penny to trace your
hole and cut it out with a high
speed rotary tool like a dremmel or
anything that will cutting hard
plastic. Feed your wires through
and seat the grommet in the hole
as shown above.
As you progress through your install, you will want to test the light you just installed
before buttoning up and moving on to the next headlamp.  If you mix the metal tabs
up, it will not cause harm but the light attached to it will not work.
Above, the connection between the HID headlights
and the BMW stock headlamp plug are clearly
illustrated.  The two metal tabs (red insulation) have
been inserted into the factory bulb plug.
This HID headlight install is for a 2006 3 series BMW however, many
vehicles use this same kit and the installation can be generally applied to
different vehicles, with the exception to certain particulars such as how
you gain access to the headlight bulb.