BMW 330 CD HID Installation
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same manner that stock H7 halogen bulbs were fastened.  This is ideal
because the bulbs will not bounce around in the headlamp like a retrofit mod
done chop-shop style.   Note that this installation features our H7 HID kit and
that if you have stock
BMW HID bulbs, a kit is not necessary to use our 5000K
(Bright-White), 6000K (Purplish-White) or 8000K (Xenon-Blue) HID bulbs.  We
carry OEM replacement HID-D2S bulbs and
replacement HID-D1S bulbs for the
newest BMW vehicles that are being made with D1S bulbs.  
When VG of France wanted HID headlights for his BMW 3 series, he went with
our premium-white option.  His 330 CD did not have factory HID bulbs, so V.G.
used our
H7 kit for the upgrade. (Depending on the year, BMW headlights use  
HID-D2S bulbs and
HID-D1S bulbs, when equipped from the factory the HID
option. See more
BMW HID bulb information here.

IMPORTANT:  Although V.G. was able to do the installation himself, he had to
take the vehicle to a BMW technician to change the vehicle's computer setting
from "classic" to "Xenon" mode.  

computer to the vehicle's "diag plug" in order to access the "Post Equipment"

Before making this change to the vehicle's electronic box, the lights would not
work properly.  More information about the BMW HID install can be viewed in
the photo submissions below.
The photos above and also below, capture a little of the purplish hue that is
a characteristic of our 6000K HID bulbs.  In the photo above, you can also see
placement of the passenger side ballast and wiring that simply plugs in to
the vehicles headlamp harness.
BMW HID bulbs / H7 HID Kit Installation 2
BMW HID bulbs / H7 HID Kit Installation 3
BMW HID bulbs / H7 HID Kit Installation 4
BMW HID bulbs / H7 HID Kit Installation 5
BMW HID bulbs / H7 HID Kit Installation 6
BMW HID bulbs / H7 HID Kit Installation 2
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BMW 330 HID headlight bulb install