Chevy Avalanche HID headlights
2007 - 2012 upgrade
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The HID headlights for this 2007 Avalanche  
were installed by customer J.G. of  Rochelle
Park NJ.  J.G. let us know that installation of
H11 - white kit  was "easy" and the
finished product looked "amazing" and
better than the pictures he sent in.  Thank
you J.G. for sharing your terrific photo's of
your Avalanche HID headlight install.  
Avalanche HID lights (4300K before warm up)
Avalanche HID lights (Warmed Up)
Avalanche HID headlight ballast 1
Avalanche HID headlight ballast 2
Avalanche 4300K HID Headlamp
The 4300K color kit used on this install is the
color used by vehicles that come from the
factory with Xenon / HID headlights.  HiD
headlights, require 3 - 5 seconds to warm up
to their maximum level of light output.
The photo above (at right) was probably
taken before the lights were fully warmed
up. The photo below (at right) is what the
4300K color will look like when fully warmed

The color of 4300K light observed from
behind the steering wheel will be the color
of daylight (illustrated in the photo below
(at right).
There is plenty of space to neatly install the
HID ballasts inside the engine compartment
firewall.   J.G. did a good job of using the
brackets supplied with the kit to mount his
ballasts to existing holes with the mounting
bolts also supplied with our  H11 kit.
The photo at right shows the "day light"
color that 4300K color HID emits from behind
the wheel.  Again, we call 4300K "OEM / HID"
color because it is the color used by many
vehicles that come from the factory with HID
lights.   Since the Avalanche / Tahoe /
Suburban all use the same front end, you
can click the photo below to make
comparisons of how the 4300K or 6000K
colors will look on your vehicle.  To view
6000K  Tahoe HID headlights, or click
Close-up of Tahoe headlamp with 6000K HID bulb
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Avalanche HID headlight kit install