4Runner HID lights 2
Installation of HID headlights for
2003 - 2005 4Runner
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The HID headlights on this 2005 4Runner were installed by
MM of Hawaii.  The 4runner does not come with HID lights
so MM used our
9006 kit  to upgrade his stock headlights.  
Mahalu Nui Loa to MM for sharing his photo's with Plasma
Placement of passenger side HID ballast under the hood
4Runner HID installation 4
4Runner HID installation 2
4Runner HID installation 3
4Runner HID installation 1
Kit wiring plugs directly into the stock harness
that used to plug into the stock 4Runner
headlamp bulb (brown plug above and left).
headlamp without any modification to the headlamp and
in the same manner as the stock bulb.
4Runner HID lights 1
4Runner HID lights 3
4Runner HID lights 4
The 4Runner HID upgrade was used on the low beam headlamps. 9006 kit
The HID upgrade was installed on the low beam shown in
the above photo. The high beam will function as usual from
the separate high beam bulb to the immediate left of the low
beam bulb that was upgraded.
ballast (not shown in photo).  Wires were tucked between the battery and the fender firewall.
4runner HID headlight kit install