Accord 9006 HID Conversion Kit Install (6000K HID Headlights)
2003 Accord with 6000K - 9006 Xenon HID Conversion Kit installed
HID Conversion Kits / HID Kits
If your vehicle is equipped with HID headlights already and you are looking for a new bulb, you
can locate the bulb you need in our
HID headlight bulb Replacement Guide.

If your vehicle uses:
D2R, D2S, H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, H13, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9008, D1R, D1S,
, D4S or D4R bulbs, we carry replacement HID bulbs or an easy to install plug-in style HID
conversion kit for you.  View our complete line of
Xenon HID Conversion kits HERE.
9006 HID Kits (6000K)
Our Plug-in style HID Conversion Kits allow for the
easiest "
Plug & Play" High Intensity Discharge /
HID Headlights.  Plasma Garage features Xenon
products by foremost automotive-lighting industry
leaders. Trust Plasma Garage to provide the Best
in HID Technology.

Only the finest materials and precisely machined
alloy components are used in our HID conversion
kits. Quality moldings, plugs, wiring, ballast and
igniter housings result in a complete, state of the
industry  HID Conversion Kit weighing 4lbs!
2003 - 2008 Accord HID Conversion Kit - 6000K HID Installation Shown
PLUG-IN wiring is perhaps the best feature for those who are not mechanically
inclined.  Our HID Kits feature custom PLUGS that will only fit the correct
corresponding wire.  Exclusive 1-way plugs are used in all of our
Conversion Kits to ensure simple and fail-safe HID installation.
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9006 HID Kits (6000K)
9006 HID Kits (8000K)
D2R bulbs (HID-D2R), and D2S bulbs (HID-D2S), are used on 75% of vehicles with
xenon HID headlights.  In 2002 Audi started to use
D1S bulbs (HID-D1S), on the Audi
A4. Others manufacturers followed thereafter;  
D1S & D1R bulbs (HID-D1R) will not fit in
other applications so we don't recommend trying to use them unless replacing existing
stock D1S bulb.  In 2006 Lexus began to
HID-D4S bulbs, and in 2009 D3S HID bulbs
started to show up on vehicles made by Ford.

Our factories have created HID bulbs that produce
5000K Bright-White, 6000K
, and 8000K Xenon-Blue light (Photo Album). Real HID bulbs are NOT
tinted so the glass of our bulbs will not appear tinted.  If you see a
tinted "Xenon bulb," it
is not a real HID bulb and will actually produce less light than a standard halogen bulb.  
The color emitted by a true HID bulb is the result of varying amounts of noble elements
inside the burner.  When "excited" by electricity, these varying elements produce white,
purplish-white, or xenon-blue lighting. HID Kit bulbs require higher voltage created by
ballasts.  A complete kits with ballasts and correct plugs are needed to use our HID Kit
replacement Bulbs which can be
located at the BOTTOM of our main bulb page.
The ballasts are the heart of any HID headlight
system. Ballasts stabilize and maintain the “arc” of
electricity between two electrodes created by
igniting Xenon gas and other noble elements. We
carry HID bulb ballasts for all vehicle applications.
More information on ballasts can be located at our
ballast page
9006 HID Kits (6000K)
9006 HID Kits (8000K)
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9006 HID Kit (8000K)
Unlike other kits with cheap plastic components, our ballasts and ignition components
are housed together in a water-resistant machined alloy case. This design is a vast
improvement on cheap HID headlights sold elsewhere.  There are numerous benefits
of unifying the ballast and the ignition components into the same housing including,
water-proof, shake-proof, digital, 2 Year Warranty, clean looking install with less
components, best reliability, best performance.
9006 HID Kits (6000K)
9006 HID kit bulb
Whereas Halogen bulbs consume 55 watts or
more (above right), Plasma Garage Xenon
bulbs consume only 35 watts, increase
brightness by 300%, while running cooler than a
halogen bulb.

The clear white light produced by our HID Kit bulbs
is similar to natural daylight and will also
illuminates road markings and signs substantially
better than halogen based systems.

Under normal conditions, HID Kit bulbs will
endure the life of the vehicle. Therefore, your HID
Kit bulbs will last longer than your non-HID bulbs.  
In sum, installation will be easy, and driving with
real HID Headlights will be a safer, more
enjoyable experience.
9006 HID Kit
9007 HID Kits (8000K)
9007 - 8000K HID Kit
Tacoma Bi-xenon HID Kits (6000K HID Xenon Headlights)
Toyota Tacoma
6000K HID Kit
2006 Civic with 9006 HID Kit - Earlier model Civic use H4 Bulbs / HID Kits
5000K Xenon Headlights - Available in D2R Bulbs, D2S bulbs, D1S bulbs, and D1R Bulbs
5000K HID Kit
Plasma Garage carries only the best High Intensity Discharge / HID Headlights, HID bulbs, and Conversion Kits at the Best Prices!
2006 Honda Civic
9006 HID Kit
2 Ballast included with HID Kits
9006 bulb
Plasma Garage offers High Intensity Discharge / HID headlamp products for 99.9% of vehicles
equipped with Xenon Plasma
HID bulbs used on vehicles with HID Headlights. Find  replacement
HID bulbs, HID conversion kits, replacement HID kit parts and much more.
9006 HID Kits (6000K)
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headlamp information specifically for your vehicle.
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